Medical Payments CoverageYou may be surprised how many people we come across who are reluctant to use their medical payments coverage (MPC or MedPay for short) following an accident. They are afraid filing on it will make their insurance rates go up, but law does not allow that. MPC is an optional coverage you have been paying for.

MedPay is designed to help you pay for your medical bills following a motor vehicle accident, whether the accident was your fault or not. This coverage usually has no deductible or copayment and provides you with a means of paying for health care services such as emergency room, ambulance, physical therapy, medical, and chiropractic costs. It eliminates the discomfort that comes with not knowing how to pay for medical services.

Settlements take time, but pain from an accident needs to be addressed immediately following an accident. MedPay only adds a small amount to your monthly premium, and you can choose the amount of coverage you feel comfortable with. For example if you choose $25,000 coverage this amount is allotted to every person in your vehicle during the accident. If you are the car pool mom that morning, driving your kids and the neighbor’s kids to school when the accident occurred, MedPay extends to everyone in your car that is injured.

In summary using your MedPay will not make your premiums increase. There also no deductible/copays. In fact, Georgia Stature §33-34-3 “prohibits an insurance company from increasing your automobile insurance premium, or from canceling your policy.” Furthermore, you may have been paying for this coverage for years, accident free, having never used it. To clarify, why pay for a subscription and never read the magazine?