Dr. David Richardson


Quality Chiropractic Care For All Of Lawrenceville, Duluth and Suwanee, Georgia

After receiving a football injury in high school, I dealt with recurring muscle and joint pain for years until finally discovering the one thing that could help me.

As a young man (with an attitude of invincibility!) the problems resulting from this injury did not concern me as much as they should have. When the severity of the flare-ups increased, however, I did begin to worry about my condition.

In fact, I clearly remember the incapacitating pain that lasted for five days after simply reaching into my closet for a coat-hanger. That was during my freshman year of college at Georgia Southern University. It seemed ridiculous that such a simple movement could result in pain to a degree that I could not take a full breath of air.

I knew that something needed to be done. I wanted to live a life where daily activities could be accomplished without fearing the flare-ups I was experiencing from simple activities. Little did I know that the answer to making a big change in my life was just around the corner.

While home from college one weekend I learned my brother was seeing a chiropractor. I was curious about chiropractic, so I asked him about the care he was receiving. His positive feedback led me to schedule my first appointment, and from there I knew I had discovered something great! My first chiropractic adjustment resulted in tremendous relief, and the only question I could think to ask myself was: “Why didn’t someone tell me about this before?”

Passionate About Chiropractic Care

David-Richardson-ChiropracticNow, more than 30 years after graduating from Life University in 1983, I truly believe I have found my niche in the chiropractic field. I regularly attend seminars to stay on the cutting edge of developments within the chiropractic and healthcare professions.

In recent years I have also acquired an interest in researching the benefits of elite quality, cost-effective nutritional supplements. It is my sincere desire, as a chiropractor and as an individual, to help people feel better and make wiser health decisions — benefiting them both now and in the years to come.

I am located close to I-85 and Exit 111 so if you use this interstate, live or work in the Lawrenceville, Duluth and Suwanee areas, please let me help you avoid the physical and mental drain associated with declining health, physical limitations and dangerous drugs that often only treat symptoms.